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Smartphone Apps for PIMA Systems

A South Africa version of the Hunter-Pro series


Hunter-Pro Series SA version is a price-competitive hybrid intrusion alarm panel and installers that tested it reported a very easy and intuitive installation with excellent feedbacks from their customers.


Hunter-Pro Series interfaces with Visonic wireless devices, Alarm Link long-range radios. All are seamlessly integrated to answer advanced security needs while maintaining its user-friendliness, for small to medium size commercial and residential installations meeting SAIA, SAIDSA and telephone standards.


The panel enables various setting and unsetting options via keypad, keyfob (Visonic's), and/or RD-200 (RFiD proximity card). Hunter-Pro Series features a fully integrated receiver (I/O-W) that supports up to 24 supervised wireless zones as well as 24 Visonic keyfobs , paired with 24 users. The I/O-W is connected to the HUNTER-PRO Series via the keypads SecuBUSTM .


Hunter-Pro Series features full integration with long-range radio transmitters from local market leaders Alarm Link


This professional, sophisticated, reliable and user-friendly control panel interfaces PIMA's proprietary digital telephone/GSM/GPRS/SMS communication modules to a Central Monitoring Stations (CMS) and 4 private account numbers.


The perfect combination of wired and wireless devices

Options for setting/unsetting with keypad, key fob, and/or proximity reader

9 zones configuration + 1/2 tamper zones

2 siren outputs



Key features:


• One-screen 12 Parameter Programming Bar for rapid setup and installation

• Multiple communication channels: GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP, SMS, and long-range radio

• Menu-driven programming results in easy, fast installation

• TopTrust technology

• Digital PSTN dialer on board

• Optional network TCP/IP and GSM/GPRS modules

• GSM/GPRS: Voice & Data used as priority or as back-up

• Detailed SMS alarm notification over PSTN or GSM

• 7 to 63 output switches (fully programmable)

• On-line connection to monitoring station via secured and monitored TCP/IP channel

• Prevention of duplicate user code

• Continuous battery and telephone line testing

• CMS report on non-activity of panel (for senior citizens)

• Up to 16 partitions or 8 sub-systems

• Full and partial arming (home) modes

• Easy arming/disarming of system using keypads, key fob, proximity card (RFiD) or smartphone app


One screen programming - PIMA developed a unique programming method in which multiple parameters are displayed as single screen sets where each letter or digit stands for a parameter.

In these sets, (+) signifies the parameter is enabled; (-) signifies the parameter is disabled

The parameter is changed by moving the cursor to the right or left, using the [NEXT]/[BACK] keys and [#].


Single status bar - The system zone status and warnings can be immediately identified in a single status bar.

The example below shows a 16 zone system. The lower line provides the zones' status; a grey square for "Open zone" (zone 2), a hyphen for "Closed zone" (zone 7 for instance). The A in zone 9 indicates there was an alarm event, zone 13 shows a Fault (marked as F) and zone 15 is bypassed (marked as B).

The upper line provides information about the system: The A under the number 26 indicates that Auto-arming is set, the panel's battery is low and the time is currently 13:27.





Smartphone Apps for PIMA Systems

Perform the following actions via the smartphone apps:


• Access your Hunter-Pro alarm system from anywhere

• Arm or disarm the system (Full or partial)

• Review zone status

• Read event log

• Turn on and off home appliances

• Control partitions

• Bypass zones


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