Residential Clients

Surely one of the most vulnerable aspects of our world is at home when the family needs taking care of whilst in a protected environment. Residential premises unfortunately is also seen as a soft target by criminal elements and also attracts a larger range of criminal types.


With literally thousands of residential clients that vary from duplex units to ambassadors homes, our solutions proved itself to be an essential part of every family' safety. As your safety is a priority please take the time to browse through our and other websites and see why ACR  receives the highest ranking from clients and communities.


Commercial Clients

In a business environment you can not jeopardize the safety of your staff nor can a company afford to be without valuable equipment during the course of its business. Besides the basics, it is also essential that exception alerts such After Hours Disarming (Illegal Opening), Non Arming (Miss Closings) and a further vast variety of other priority alerts be attended to. Be it Jose's corner café to high profile office blocks, we have a solution for every individual business.


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