PIMA Customises for South Africa

In an estate such as Helderberg Village, security does not only mean safeguarding the perimeter of the estate as well as the entrance. Proper security also includes making sure residents are secure in their houses.


PIMA Electronic Systems is an Israeli company that develops and manufactures intruder alarm systems. PIMA’s alarms, wired, wireless and hybrid systems have been installed in over 50 countries and, according to Uri Engelsman, VP sales & marketing for PIMA, are known for their reliability, ease of setup, and user friendliness. The company’s products have been sold in South Africa for many years.


PIMA supplies products that can cover from eight to 144 security zones and supports multi-channel communications, including PSTN, SMS, GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP and longrange radio. Engelsman says one of the company’s specialities is that all communications are integrated into the control panel and are easy to set up.


Another challenge estates face, in this case Helderberg Village, is to not only secure residents’ houses, but to allow the central control room to manage the alarm system remotely in addition to providing residents with full control. This remote management would be required when residents are on holiday and there is an alarm event, or perhaps when a resident is disabled and the alarm needs to be deactivated to allow emergency services to attend to the individual.


PIMA’s 2-way communications capabilities cater for this requirement and allow for the remote management by the central control room. The fact that the control panel manages everything via an LCD screen makes the solution easy for residents to use and for installers to set up. Moreover, Engelsman says PIMA is able to customise its panels for significant customer requirements and it has done so to ensure the products function effectively in the estate and in South Africa broadly. The company has also integrated Visonic’s and South African manufacturer FSK’s remotes into the solution and all functionality is controlled by the keypad. From panic button services to opening the garage door, residents have control.


Engelsman says PIMA made a number of general adaptations to cater for the South African market. These include ensuring the system can handle the severe lightning, making sure the panels meet SAIDSA requirements and catering to the local installation code-of-practice for alarm systems. Similarly, the control room can also control the system as described above. An additional advantage PIMA offers is the possibility to incorporate visual verification into the alarm system, should it be required.

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